Why a Choir in 2020?

Just how important is it to serve in a choir?

First, please let me make clear that I am not saying every church must have a 20-500 voice choir in a loft, with or without robes, as part of their corporate worship offerings. In fact, this article is just as applicable to a church with a band and a 3-voiced vocal team. I have been a worship pastor of both. This is not so much about the who (no, not Pete Townsend and Keith Moon) as it is the why.

The following is not my opinion. I’m certain you don’t seek it, and, in all honesty, you don’t need it. This is simply a moment spent in God’s Word and what it says about the choir. It’s not an extra-curricular activity of the church, but an essential and long-established position in the church.

In 2 Chronicles chapter 5, the temple of God, now finally completed under King Solomon’s supervision and reign, was to be dedicated. The Ark of the Covenant, representing the very presence of God, was about to be carried inside and lay to rest in its sacred, holy home. This. Was. Huge! As you read, try to play this out in your mind. See the crowd. Hear the excitement. Let your heart race!